“Sunrise at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park”, Sold

Sublime landscapes. Outdoor adventures. Intimate wooden scenes. From my pallet to your wall.
Commemorate the National Parks Service 100th year anniversary
with a
limited edition print or an original oil painting of your favorite park.

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Selected from more than seventy paintings completed in the national parks, Thomas Annear’s works take viewers on a quintessential American journey—a journey of discovery, wonder, and contemplation. With scenes ranging from the rugged ice-capped peaks of the Tetons to the steaming Geysers of Yellowstone National Park to the desolate hills of the North Dakota Badlands, the paintings capture both the grandeur and quiet beauty of our national parks. More than mere celebrations of wilderness, the paintings also explore these parks as laboratories of democracy, identity, and ecological change.

Teton Jackson Lake

“Jackson Lake at Sunset,Grand Tetons National Park” Sold, Limited Edition Prints Available

I began creating the works for this show during a month-long family road trip to Yellowstone and other western parks during the summer of 2008. At first the paintings were a way to record the experience of sharing the parks and this American rite of passage with our two sons. However, spending time immersed in these majestic and sometime extreme landscapes quickly made me realize that the parks had many lessons to teach. At Yellowstone, the first of our national parks, I observed that the “landscapes” and ecosystems of thermophiles (microscopic creatures that survive in extreme environments) in the geyser basins were as complex and spectacular as the sweeping vistas of the Lamar and Hayden valleys. In the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, I contemplated geologic history while the ever-present swarms of tourists made the human impacts on the park readily apparent. I began to appreciate the importance of being still and patient in nature while painting sunrise in the Lamar Valley; after the wolf watchers left to continue their hunt, I discovered that a young female wolf had stayed to watch me.

Lamar Valley

“Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park”, 12”x24” Sold, Limited Edition Prints Available $70

Over the past five years, I have visited dozens of national parks and monuments, and new questions and issues have emerged. How do we continue to balance the preservation of these natural and historical wonders with the aim of keeping the parks open “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”? How do we inspire digital natives to unplug and surrender themselves to these wild, sacred places? What kind of monument do we create when human-caused climate change wipes out the last glacier at Glacier National Park?


“Saint Mary’s Lake View, Glacier National Park”, 12”x 24”, $800

While I hope that these paintings will encourage viewers to visit national parks and to participate in democratic decisions about the parks’ future, the exhibit also extends these questions to our local and state parks. Landscapes from Allegany State Park, Zoar Valley, and selected sites in Chautauqua County demonstrate that land use, conservation, and other issues are just as relevant and pressing as they are out west. To complement the paintings, the exhibit will include a series of talks and painting and journaling classes to educate viewers about these many local and national issues.


“Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska” (Studio work), 12”x24”, $800